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Grant leave and special allowances to medical practitioners

SHAH ALAM, MAY 15: Medical officer on-call should be granted post-call off days besides being given special on-call allowances to prevent any unwanted incidence.
Malaysian Muslim Association of Medical Practitioners and Health Sciences (I-Medik) President, Prof Dr Azmi Mohd Nor said, incentive in the form of a special allowance should be given by hospitals who cannot grant post-call off to its staff.
He said, hospitals should also allow transport claim using public services such as taxi, Uber, Grabcar after the on-call duty.
“Medical officers who need to work overtime are easily exposed to unwanted incidences, hence we advise them to use public transport after the finish work.
“They could also contact their family member or friends to pick them up if they feel tired,” he said in a statement.
Dr Azmi said, doctors on-call are also advised to fully utilise the medical officers’ special rest-rooms for them to get enough rest.
“They need to practice the concept of short nap before starting to work or making the journey back home.
“Research has proven that a 15 to 20 minute nap at the Rest & Recuperate (R&R) stops can reduce accident rates,” he said.
Last May 9, a third-year Pediatrics student from the Universiti Sains Malaysia died after an accident on the way home from an almost 33 hours on-call duty.
Last July 9, 2015, the same fate had befallen the Sungai Buloh Hospital Anesthetist, Dr Afifah Mohd Ghazi after her 32 hours on-call duty.

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