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Japan’s new Bill allows emperor to abdicate

SHAH ALAM, MAY 19: The cabinet of Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe had approved a bill last May 12, allowing Emperor Akihito to abdicate his throne to his son, Crown Prince Naruhito, Chinese Xinhua news agency reported.
This is the first time in 200 years that a Japanese Emperor abdicates his throne.
BERNAMA reported that the Japanese Government was considering December 2018 as the date for the Emperor to step down as he will be turning 85 years old then.
According to source, Emperor Akihito may remain in his throne and changes are only expected to happen in early 2019.
The Bill was made following the Emperor who had previously expressed his wish to step down in a couple of years.
It was submitted to the Diet (Japanese Parliament) and is expected to take effect at the end of the Diet session, middle of June this year.
Through a rare television broadcast last August, Emperor Akihito had expressed his wish to abdicate his throne due to age and health factors making it difficult to perform his official duties.

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