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MACC: Political powers override corruption?

I would like to quote the MACC Chief Commissioner, Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad’s statement confirming that there are several high-profile cases involving politicians being investigated.
However, they need to wait until after the GE-14 to avoid being accused of being politically inclined.
The important questions that MACC need to answer are:

  1. Why the need to wait until Parliament is dissolved to issue strong statements?
  2. Why the need to wait until after GE-14? In fact, if there is strong evidence, immediate action need to be taken.
  3. Are the ‘sharks’ still immune and powerful that the commission is unable to take action?

Doesn’t this tarnish MACC’s identity which is supposed to protect the nation and citizens’ interest?
MACC should be placed under Parliament and the power to prosecute is independent from government.
If MACC’s role and responsibility are to fight corruption, carry out the duty fairly.
Action to fight corruption does not depend on time and condition. Do not be afraid to make changes for the sake of a better Malaysia.
* Dato’ Johari Abdul is Sungai Petani Member of Parliament
The Peoples’ Justice Party

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