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Mature politics bring about democracy

SHAH ALAM, MAY 11: The existence of a block of coalition of political parties allows a one-to-one challenge in an election which facilitates power rotation, and ultimately makes it easier for people to make a choice.
Kota Anggerik Assemblyman, Dr Yaakob Sapari said, this is so far the most efficient strategy to persuade people and gain support in the election.
He said based on the real basis of democracy, anyone is free to set-up a political party.
“Every political party is free to create their own manifesto.
“It is not possible that just one party could kill another party. So, to enter the field of democracy, be a democrat first,” he shared on his Facebook status.
In the same posting which he uploaded, Yaakob also shared his views relating to the many political parties in Malaysia today.
By referring to the book “Don’t Be Sad”, he gave the example “a born child cannot re-enter the mother’s stomach, the same goes with a fallen fruit cannot be joined back to the tree”.
“Therefore, don’t be sad with the existence of many political parties as this is the field of democracy.
“In a field of democracy, everyone is free to set-up political parties,” he said.

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