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MPSJ to collect abandoned bulk waste

SUBANG JAYA, MAY 27: Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) will implement bulk waste collection although the duty is beyond the real purpose of the municipal council.
MPSJ Yang Dipertua Mohd Zulkurnain Che Ali said it was the council’s social responsibility to ensure that the town’s waste management is run well.
“The critical waste collection problem happens in low cost residential strata properties when there is no management committee or any appointment of an agent.
“When this happens, MPSJ will collect the garbage although according to the true purpose of the council, it is only responsible for domestic waste management.
“When the management committee does not do its task or an agent fails, we cannot allow the rubbish to go uncollected, so we assist in managing the waste collection,” he said at a press conference in the MPSJ Complex recently.
He had previously been asked to comment on residents’ complaints regarding the failure of several management committees’ and contractors’ failure to manage the waste management issue at their residences.
Mohd Zulkurnain said that the authorities have already spent a substantial amount to bear the cost of the waste collection operation that is out of MPSJ’s control.
“We have recently collected some bulk waste in Serdang, around 10 times in total, and this requires a large expenditure.
“This is why we suggest that low cost housing management committees play their roles in addition to residents paying their taxes.
“Tax payments are not limited to the rubbish issue but also covers various aspects including maintenance and security,” he said.

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