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PAKATAN welcomes public participation in logo design

SHAH ALAM, MAY 4: Pakatan Harapan (PAKATAN) welcomes the proposal and interest shown by the public in its logo design.
Therefore, through its media statement, PAKATAN invites the public to provide their proposals and recommendations on the logo, which will then be decided and finalised by the party.
“After taking into account the public opinions and based on views given by PAKATAN leaders, we would like to invite those who are interested to send in logo proposal for PAKATAN,’ it said.
The public, particularly netizens welcomed the PAKATAN logo design which was promoted on the social media yesterday.

  1. As much as possible, the logo must be in two colours, and must also include a reverse-white version for use on ballot paper.
  2. The logo must symbols which are easily identified or understood by the public.
  3. The logo’s rational should be based on concepts such as ‘hope’, ‘democracy’, ‘fairness’ and ‘unity’.
  4. The logo should be fully viewable in a small scale (such as on badge) and big scale (such as on a flag).

The final version of the logo should preferably be in an ‘outlined vector’ format and using Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or similar programme.
The public can send their PAKATAN logo proposal to [email protected], from today until 10 am on Tuesday, May 9, and include name, MyKad number and telephone number of the logo designer.
It was also explained that the organizer reserves the right to use the logo for PAKATAN and to make changes to the original design.
Those interested can obtain more information by sending their email through [email protected]

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