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PHP Issue: Federal Government don’t become ‘pirates’

SHAH ALAM, MAY 30: The Ferderal Government is reminded to be a ‘gentleman’ and not to behave like ‘pirates’ in taking over the Taman Putra Permai Peoples’ Housing Programme (PHP), Lembah Subang from the State Government.
Housing, Building Management and Urban Settlement Exco, Dato’ Iskandar Abdul Samad said in a statement that the Federal Government should respect the State Government’s demand for RM60 million as stated earlier.
“The Federal Government may be able to use force to takeover the PHP but we are a civilized nation. Hence, the Federal Government cannot use the laws of the jungle to get what they want.
“The State Government’s RM60 million claim from the Federal Government is reasonable. There are supporting documents such as payment reimbursements,” he said.
He pointed out that if the State Government had not intervened, the PHP would have been inhabitable today, in fact the Federal Government would need to incur a higher cost for repairs.
“The Federal Government claims that the money spent by State Government were for scheduled maintenance. However, a substantial amount of the work was due to vandalism and other destructive acts. They cannot be categorised as general or scheduled maintenance.
“The Federal Government also claims that the State Government had collected rents from residents. The rent is fact very low. The habit of not paying rent is rooted since the Barisan Nasional days. The rental rate collected in those days was also low,” he said.

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