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The end of Sarawak as BN’s ‘fixed deposit’

Last May 6, 2017, I was invited to attend the North Sarawak PAKATAN HARAPAN Dinner Function at the Grand Ballroom Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club, Miri.
The atmosphere was very lively. I was warmly welcomed by the Orang Ulu community.
I have never felt awkward with the atmosphere in Sarawak. I have not forgotten the hospitality shown by the Iban and Dayak communities towards me and my family during my series of visits there.
Bill Kayong was a prominent name and it is hard to forget. I had rushed to Miri as soon as I received news of his death.
I did not think he was a Muslim, as that was not the reason that I went to Miri at that time. What was important was that, something was pulling me to go and I needed to pay him my last respect.
Incidentally he was a Muslim, I managed to bathe him and read the ‘talqin’ at his grave. Guests who listened to the ‘talqin’ were mostly non-Muslims more than the Muslims. They were comfortable listening to the talqin and prayers that I read at Bill Kayong’s grave.
Back to dinner organised by the Northern Sarawak PAKATAN HARAPAN, the presence of the crowd on that night and the speeches by the leaders present were very encouraging.
The Orang Ulu’s traditional dance is rich in art and subtleness.
I was made to understand that there were descendants from the Kayan, Kenyah, Kajang, Kejaman, Punan, Ukit, Penan, Lun Bawang, Lun Dayeh, Murut, Berawan and Kelabit tribes who were also present that night.
Brother Baru Bian from KEADILAN announced that there is no overlapping seats between PAKATAN HARAPAN members in Sarawak. We have learned from the last election.
Sarawak DAP will also now firmly focus on victory for Pakatan Harapan in Sarawak and will make it their priority.
The Sarawak AMANAH Party Chairman, Brother Mohamad Fidzuan Bin Zaidi is confident with the coalition this time around and that Sarawak can send more representatives with quality and efficient to the Parliament.
To me, the role of Sarawak and Sabah in forming Malaysia cannot be taken lightly.
The have the right to wealth Development and Distribution, Education and Health which are more serious. These have all been either ignored or taken lightly by BN all these while.
This is not the fault of Semenanjung, this is UMNO/BN’s fault. All these while there has been confusion, done deliberately.
It is now time for the people of Sarawak to rise and Parti AMANAH Negara particularly in Sarawak and colleagues in PAKATAN HARAPAN will do something for you.
You need to liberate yourselves from UMNO/BN and remain as a Malaysian who can achieve a sense of nationality.
* HASANUDDIN MOHD YUNUS is Parti AMANAH Negara Vice President
Tuesday 13 Sya’ban 1438H
May 9, 2017

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