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Tips to install child safety-seat

For parents with small children, do not forget to install a suitable child safety-seat.
The installation must be done correctly to ensure it fits its purpose. Among the common mistakes made are:
– Seat is not installed correctly or too loosely fixed.
– Seat unsuitable for the child’s age, weight and height – for example, a three year-old child in an infant’s safety-seat, or using a booster seat.
-Seat is installed correctly but the infant or the child is not seated properly or securely.
-Child is seated properly and securely but the seat is not installed.

  • Parents feeling that it is enough if the child is securely seated in the seat.

– Fastening the safety-belt wrongly – some seats require the safety-belts to be aligned to the child’s size.
– Using damaged safety-seat.
Do not take this list for granted even on a short journey.
Ensure your children and their seats are correctly and securely installed.

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