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WHO: Cigarettes cause over 7 million deaths

GENEVA, MAY 31: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that smoking and the use of other tobacco products are the main causes of over 7 million deaths each year.
It also warned against the adverse effect on the environment caused by the production, distribution and disposal of tobacco waste, as reported by the International News Agency AFP.
The agency said a stiff action is required to curb the use of tobacco, urging countries to prohibit smoking at workplace and public areas, ban tobacco product marketing and increase cigarette price.
“Tobacco is threatening all of us. It worsens poverty, reduces economic productivity, contributes to the selection of food in poor households and pollute the air,” said WHO Director-General, Margaret Chan, in a statement.
In a statement issued by WHO in conjunction with World No Tobacco Day tomorrow, it warned that the 7 million deaths a year is an increase from 4 million at the turn of the century, making tobacco a main preventable cause of death.
The number is expected to increase, with WHO facing nearly 1 billion deaths this year.
“By 2030, more than 80 percent of deaths will be in developing nations which are the target of tobacco companies seeking new markets, bypassing stricter regulations in developed countries,” she said.

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