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1MDB: DiCaprio is more responsible than minister

For the last two three days we have been bombarded with various new revelations relating to 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) as alleged by the American Department of Juctice (DoJ).
Following tha, the Hollywood Star, Leonardo DiCaprio has returned the Oscar won by Marlon Brando to American investigators following the money-laundering investigations on 1MDB.
In fact he also reportedly wants return the items that he has received as gifts to be auctioned as charity as a result of certain party related to 1MDB.
DiCaprio’s action is commendable as he clearly do not want to be involved at all with money-laundering and 1MDB.
He has also said that he will cooperate in the investigation and return any gifts if there are from the source in question.
On the contrary, in Malaysia, it is as if no one is involved and do not know what is going on, when 1MDB is a Malaysian company, the money is from Malaysia and the individual being investigated is from Malaysia itself.
In Singapore, a bank officer was punished, detained and the bank was closed. It is strange that in Malaysia, the Attorney-General said there is no case?
How can this happen, outsiders it seems are more accountable with this 1MDB scandal.
We can see that ‘outsiders’ willingly clear their names with honesty but Malaysians (the Ministers) are fiercely defending MO1 for the sake of their positions.
It is becoming clear that Malaysia is getting more popular internationally, but it is a shame as we are known for something negative and a disgrace to the name of our country.
# Kesavan Subramaniam is Hutan Melintang Assemblyman (PKR)

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