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CELCOM to compensate consumers


  1. Celcom network telephone line and internet disruption from 7 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. on June 13, 2017 ought to be taken seriously.

In fact, the disruption was much longer in some other locations, causing losses to users within that period.
It was more unfortunate that the disruption happened during peak hours and the company had merely sent one paragraph of apology without any commitment to compensate.

  1. Review on Celcom twitter account until 12.40 this morning had shown that 2,217 people had retweeted and 127 people ‘replied’ to the apology message. Around 3,400 individuals had made comments on Facebook.

Thousands of ‘shares’ and ‘emoticons’ clearly showed people’s dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, Celcom’s reply was merely lip service. Perhaps it was an autoreply.

  1. For the sake of social responsibility, AMANAH Youth demand that Celcom compensate users in the form of additional internet data of 3GB (minimum) as well as free line and sms to all telco companies for one day.

For postpaid users, a rebate of 10% should be accorded in this month’s bill, consistent with Celcom’s own very calculative attitude when users are late in paying their monthly bill.

  1. This whole recommendation was taken directly from responses on twitter upon receiving the indifferent response from Celcom.

As a huge telecommunication company, Celcom should be more responsive. There is no excuse that the company should take full responsibility on this loss. More importantly, stop being too comfortable hiding behind an ‘apology’.
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AMANAH Nasional Youth Deputy Chief

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