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Diplomatic War: Russian hacker masterminds, Qatar gas source is the cause?

GLOBAL JUNE 7: The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claimed that Russian hacker masterminds who put the fake news to Qatar’s web news site, triggering a diplomatic crisis in the Middle East.
CNN International News Agency reported that FBI experts visited Qatar in late May to analyse the existence of cyber intrusions situation that allows hackers to insert fake news in Qatar news agency.
The Qatar government on May 23 said there’s an existence of the fake news that reported the country’s government has close ties with Iran and Israel.
Foreign Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani told CNN that the FBI confirmed the existence of cyber intrusions and the existence of false news.
CNN also reported that the Government of Qatar is working with the FBI and Britain to investigate allegations of cyber intrusions.
If the allegations are true it shows that Russia is trying to undermine US foreign policy since the raise of the accusations of Russians tries to influence the outcome of the US Presidential Election which was won by Donald Trump.
Qatar Gas Storage and Drainage Pipe
Meanwhile website reports on Qatar’s diplomatic crisis caused by the issue of Qatar gas supply after the country increasingly dominating the situation in the gulf region.
Qatar is the world’s largest gas producer, helping to generate economic prosperity of the country that boost annual per capita income reached US$ 130,000.
Qatar gas reserves are estimated based on data from various sources is estimated at 25.07 trillion m³. It makes Qatar the third country in the world that has the largest gas reserves after Russia and Iran.
Proven gas
Meanwhile the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erodogan disagreed with some Arab countries that broke off diplomatic relations with Qatar. He stressed out the need for closer collaboration between Arab countries.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has urged Gulf States that cut diplomatic ties with Qatar to restore their air links with the country, and warned it would trigger a major travel disruption.
“We understand that the state has the right to close their borders. But the trip to Qatar relations must be restored as soon as possible,” said IATA General Director, Alexandre de Juniac outside the group’s annual meeting in Cancun, Mexico.

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