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Don’t neglect welfare of private workers

SHAH ALAM, JUNE 6: The Federal Government must be fair to employers and employees in the private sector as well as encouraging and incentivizing the sector to form unions.
KEADILAN, Workers’ Bureau Chairman, Dato’ Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid said, although the Federal Government is the civil servants’ employer, the job separation is clear between the government and the Public Service Commissioner (SPA).
He said, a tripartite committee must also be formed with the members consisting of the Federal Government, Group of Employers (including SPA) and Unions at national level.
“In this matter, the government plays the role of creating a win-win situation for both parties by focusing on minimum wage adjustments, workers’ welfare and increase in productivity.
“The society’s commitment is important to participate and actively demand for the right of the workers in return for their labour contribution and productivity to corporate entities.
“Unfortunately, this situation is deemed not possible in the Umbo-BN’s administration that do not want to lose their corporate influence to help them with election campaigns,” he said in a statement.
abdullah sani
Abdullah Sani said, there are many proofs showing that the welfare of workers in the private sector in Malaysia are not fully protected, particularly by the Human Resources Ministry.
He said, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) breakdown shows that only 34.8 percent or revenues are shared with workers while the rest are owned by corporate groups and government.
He said, other proofs include the government’s lack of effort to enforce minimum wage to commensurate the current cost the living as the minimum salary of RM1,000 a month is irrelevant especially in the capital.
“The government also brings in foreign workers on a big scale and fails to curb the influx of illegal immigrant (PATI).
“The education system is in a mess and is not relevant with the need of current job market in addition to the Umno-BN’s burdening tax policies.
“Only eight percent of workers in our country are covered by any union, resulting in less concerns on their affairs,” he said.

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