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More bodies found in Myanmar military aircraft search

YANGON, JUNE 8: The military has announced that more bodies of passegers from the Myanmar military aircraft have been found in the Andaman Sea after it was reported missing yesterday.
According to AP News, the China-made Y-8 turboprop went missing on Wednesday evening, after half an hour after leaving Myeik or also known as Mergui, Yangon.
During the incident, the weather was reported to be in poor condition.
Until now, 10 bodies have been found by the navy and the search operation is also assisted by local fishermen.
The media had reported earlier that a Myanmar military aircraft carrying  more than 100 people, including military personnel and their families was reported missing on flight from the Myeik coastal city to Yangon.
The aircraft lost contact 29 minutes after takeoff at 18,000 altitude above sea level on the Andaman Sea, approximately 70 kilometres from Dawei city.
According to a military’s statement on Facebook, a ship recovered three bodies including two of adults and one of a child, 35 km (22 miles) southern coastal Launglon city.
The aircraft departed from Myeik at 1.06 p.m. local time and was on a scheduled weekly flight.

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