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MPAJ educates community to appreciate the environment

SHAH ALAM, JUNE 15: The approach taken by the State Government and Local Authorities to ban plastic and polystyrene educates the public to be more aware on the importance to protect the environment.
The Yang Dipertua for Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ), Abdul Hamid Hussein said, the effectiveness of it will ultimately turn the municipality to become a plastic-free community.
“Consistent with this campaign, the local authorities in Selangor has set the regulations to not allow plastic bags to be given free of charge and to ban the use of polystyrene as part of business license application.
“MPAJ also supports the agenda now by taking the approach to educate and create awareness to the public and businesses, in phases, on issues related to the environment through the Bazar Ramadan Mampan programme this year,” he said in a statement.
The Pandan Indah Ramadan Bazaar Site was chosen as the location to implement the programme since early Ramadan.
In a different development, Abdul Hamid said, MPAJ is now actively implementing many green campaigns to support the state’s green-city agenda.
Among the initiatives is the Program Karnival Jelajah Kepenggunaan dan Kitar Semula which is organised to provide the opportunity to small businesses to promote their products and participate in a green campaign.
“MPAJ also organizes the cooking-oil recycling campaign carried out contractors who turn it into biodiesels.
“MPAJ is also chosen to partner with MARDI to launch My Save Food Malaysia to prevent food wastages,” he said.

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