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Najib Razak’s administration continue to pressure rakyat

SHAH ALAM, JUNE 3: The majority of the urban poor is under pressure with the rising living costs and financial debts that they have to bear, Rodziah Ismail said.
The Batu Tiga Assemblyman said that this fact was supported by a statement by urban development planner expert, Ng Mun Yen who claimed that the high cost of living was the main factor for the migration of Kuala Lumpur citizens to Selangor.
Rodziah said that the Umno BN government should act by preparing aid to citizens that were more comprehensive and holistic.
“Not only relying on the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) aid only.
“What can be done by the Umno BN government to lower the cost of living for the rakyat? Emulate Pakatan Harapan,” she said in a statement.
Rodziah said that the Pakatan Harapan government was clearly capable of administrating and arranging the economy more effectively based on strong financial principles, good governance and value for money principles.
“What makes problems for the rakyat is the increase in prices of products and services and the Goods and Services Tax should be abolished because Pakatan Harapan had an alternative.
“The solutions include fighting corruption and reducing leakages, reducing the financial deficit and introducing profit tax.
“Good governance and efficient economic management as well as a guaranteed good future for the rakyat depends on a trustworthy government that is always just to the rakyat,” he said.
Ng said recently that Kuala Lumpur citizens viewed the capital was no longer suitable for living and preferred to live in other areas in Selangor.
The 2016 migration study by the Statistics Department showed that Selangor was the main recipient for migrants, while the main state with emigrants was the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

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