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Rambutan rice certified pure

SHAH ALAM, JUNE 28: The Rambutan brand rice has been certified as pure with no plastic content according to the analysis report by the Chemistry Department.
The Paddy and Rice Control Director General, Shamsuddin Ismail said, the result from the Chemistry Department was received by Agricultural and Agro-based Industries last June 20, showing that the sample taken was pure rice and do not contain plastic or any other substance.
“The Chemistry department has taken the main source of rice sample and rice processed from OEL Sdn Bhd Factory, the processing and packaging factory for Rambutan Super Special Tempatan 15% brand of rice, last June 18.
“And all the samples showed that they are pure rice. However, we are still waiting for the results from the Chemistry Department on several samples taken from other locations including its factories in Perak, Pahang and supermarkets in Selangor,” he said in a statement.
Prior to that, the Paddy and Rice Regulator (KPB) had investigated and sent rice samples to the Chemistry Department following complaints of plastic rice in Kulai, Johore. However, reports received last June 13 has found no trace of plastic.
Shamsuddin advised the public not to easily believe claims that are being viralled in the social media.

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