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Review wiring system to prevent short-circuit

PASIR MAS, JUNE 9: Home education centres operating over 10 years are advised to review their wiring systems, said Kelantan Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) General Manager, Datuk Ir Md Yuslan Md Yusof.
He said, the measure need to be taken to prevent unwanted incidents involving short-circuits due to leakages in the wires.
“We are prepared to give consultation to any home education centre who wish to conduct rewiring to avoid unwanted incidents.
“If they wish the use the service of a contractor, the management can check if the contractor is registered with the Energy Commission to avoid from engaging with unregistered contractors,” he said.
He said that during the TNB Kelantan Ihya Ramadan Programme Year 2017/1438H, reported BERNAMA.
The statement is due to fire incidents in many education centres in the state for the last several years due to short-circuit.
Md Yuslan said, besides wiring, electrical items with heaters like iron and electric kettle are also identified as among the causes of short-circuit.
He said this is due to high energy load and if the wiring is not perfect, short-circuit can happen easily.

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