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Tens of thousands relocated, 40,000 addresses cannot be traced?

SHAH ALAM, JUNE 9: The Election Committee (EC) is urged to explain the massive relocation of voters as claimed by Bukit Katil Member of Parliament, Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin.
Shamsul claimed that in Malacca alone there are 40,000 new voters with untraceable addresses.
“We see outside voters included into Bukit Katil, all using one address or their addresses cannot be traced. In Malacca alone, there are 40,000 untraceable addresses.
“For postal voting on the other hand, there are two camps in the Tangga batu State Legislative Assembly.
“One day before the closing date for supplementary or new voter last May 22, we witnessed the inclusion of 3,000 new voters whom we do not know from which camp,” said Iskandar when contacted by SelangorKini today.
He believes this must have been due to the supplementary voter registration bill which is currently being challenged in court, which may not be in time to be used for the GE14 if the case is still ongoing.
“Is this orchestrated or a careful plot to once again ensure the ruling party continue to be in power and when there is a public outcry, it will be cancelled, or what?
“EC Chairman should know better on the rules and laws that need to be complied with,” he said.
He said, this flaw is causing the election to be partial, unfair and there will be no value in the one person one vote as demanded by the Constitution.

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