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Citizens with low income unlikely to afford homes

The issue of affordable homes for citizens with low and medium income level has been a long-standing issue in the country.
The availability of affordable housing is said to be inadequate given the mismatch between demand and supply as well as rising house prices in major cities.
The increase in house prices together with the volatile economy as well as slowdown in income levels have led to the affordable homes, constructed for these low and medium-income group, becoming unaffordable.
I propose for the land price and premium for these group to be reduced, to bring down and stabilise the cost of the houses.
I urge the legislative and executive bodies, local authorities and the private sectors to actively develop more affordable houses particularly in the main cities.
The government should freeze their land or residential land to construct affordable houses to solve the problems of citizens in this country who are still unable to own houses, particularly the young generation.
That is a key requirement to ensure the wellbeing and future of these group.
Housing development programmes should be coordinated under one effective management to help increase house ownership and resolve other related issues.
This issue needs a comprehensive solution as it involves the cooperation from various parties.
YB Dr Idris Ahmad
Ijok Assemblyman
Peoples’ Justice Party

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