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MBPJ denies dubious documents, statements submitted as per first phase

PETALING JAYA, JUL 28: The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has denied customs’ allegations that the local authority had submitted dubious documents in the second phase of its Goods and Service Tax (GST) claims.
Its Mayor, Dato’ Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain said, the documents submitted were similar to the ones in the first phase of the RM3 million GST claim which have been paid last year.
“It is very strange as we used the same documents as in our first claim and we have also received payments based on those documents.
“But why do customs claim that the documents that we submitted this time are dubious? This is most confusing,” he said in a media conference at MBPJ Headquarters this evening.
Earlier, customs claimed that the delay in GST payment to the 12 Selangor’s local authorities is due to dubious documents submitted.
The Director-General of Customs, Datuk Seri Subromaniam Tholasy said, it involves a total amount of RM36 million which was found to be unsupported and contravenes with the provisions in the GST law.
However, Mohd Azizi stressed that the issue must be discussed and clarified comprehensively to avoid any negative speculation.
“If there is any mistake, Customs must refer to MBPJ and we are prepared to cooperate to provide additional documents.
“However, the issue is that we certainly used the same documents in our claim this time and there should be no excuse for the delay,” he said.
It was made to understand that, total balance in arrears to MBPJ by Customs is RM3.24 million.
Meanwhile, claims by other local authorities in Selangor include Shah Alam City Council (RM5.99 million), Klang Municipal Council (RM5.6 million), Kajang City Council (RM5.1 million), Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (RM5 million), Selayang Municipal Council (RM4.1 million) and Subang Jaya Municipal Council (RM2.7 million).
Besides that, Sepang Municipal Council (RM2.1 million), Kuala Langat District Council (RM688,457), Hulu Selangor District Council (RM725,319), Sabak Bernam District Council (RM447,181) and Kuala Selangor District Council (RM198,040).
Based on Section 24, Goods and Service Tax Act (2014), Act 762, GST shall not be imposed on any goods or service supplied by the Central Government and State Government unless directed otherwise and that must be authorised by the Minister through a published order.

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