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Najib’s leadership comical

I read the statement made by Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak describing the opposition’s leadership structure as funny.
Doesn’t Najib Razak feels challenged that Pakatan Harapan components’ leadership structure are so solid and united to fight against Umno BN in the coming 14th General Election.
Najib Razak’s administration that sidelines the citizens is causing social welfare, achievement and development and the economy to be neglected.
It is most embarrassing that throughout Najib Razak’s administration, various issues had taunted the citizens such as corruption, haphazard education, poor communities who are unprotected, rural infrastructures that are still backward and increasing price of goods.
Many things can be done to introduce the country to the world but not with negative things such as 1MDB.
The government today is led by a shameless line of leadership who will can arbitrarily resort to any negative action.
Remember in February 2012, Najib Razak had said that all funds to any political party from any party must be channeled through the political party’s official account.
But he himself does not following through his own words. In fact he accepted RM2.6 billion of donation money, from a source which he doesn’t intend to disclose in detail to the public.
Doesn’t Umno BN members feel ashame to have a President like him? And why should Malaysia be led by a Prime Minister like this?
*Dato Johari Abdul is Sungai Petani Member of Parliament (KEADILAN).

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