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Noh slanders on Bomba issue, Selangor offers 75 percent premium rate

SHAH ALAM, JUL 11: The State Government is offering a 75 percent discount on the premium for both Fire and Rescue Department Station (Bomba) sites in Setia Alam and Bukit Rahman Putra.
Dato’ Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin said, the State Government is prepared to bear the liability as proof of its commitment to protect the citizens’ welfare.
“The 75 discounts for both sites for the Bomba stations in Setia Alam and Bukit Rahman Putra cause the State Government to lose RM22,187,500.00 of its revenue.
“Nevertheless, for the sake of the people, the Selangor State Government is prepared to incur the loss,” he said in a statement.
Previously, the market price for the land commissioned to the Federal Land Commissioner including the construction site of Bomba Setia Alam and Bukit Rahman Putra was assessed by the Assessment and Property Service Department (JPPH).
For the record, the assessment was made under the control from government departments under Finance Ministry.
However, the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister,  Tan Sri Noh Omar claimed that the state administration has charged a high premium for both premises.
Denying it, Mohamed Azmin said, the accusation is slanderous and baseless to tarnish the State Government’s image.
“The State Government is disappointed with Tan Sri Noh Omar’s allegations that the State Government has charged a high premium for the Bomba Setia Alam and Bukit Rahman Putra construction sites.
“The allegation is slanderous, has no basis and is unethical,” he said.
Previously, the sites belonged to developers and were given to the State Government based on the Planning Approval given by Planning Authority.
The sites were being requested by the Federal Land Commission under the National Land Code, Section 76, to be used as sites for Bomba.
At the same time, based on Article 83(2) of the Federal Constitution, land given to the Federal Government must be paid the same premium as market rate.

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