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River contamination: Consumers must be the eyes and ears

SEMENYIH, JUL 4: The public need to be the eyes and ears to report to the responsible authorities immediately if they see any sign of river contamination, whether it is due to irresponsible activities or broken sewage pipes.
A resident of Kampung Pasir Baru, Semenyih, Abdul Halim Abdullah, 51, said the responsible authorities must also monitor the activities of factories operating nearby rivers particularly rivers which supply water into water treatment plants.
“Although there is no contamination but precautions must be taken such as periodic inspection of sewage pipes as old ones can break and water from flood reservoirs must also be monitored so that contaminated water does not flow into rivers.
“If there are waste dumping activities or in the event of broken sewage pipes, we have to quickly report it to the authorities. Don’t just be silent about it. Consumers and enforcers must cooperate,” he said.
He said that when met by SelangorKini in Pekan Semenyih relating to the incident of Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) broken sewage pipe at Bandar Sunway, Semenyih, yesterday.
Meanwhile, Kampung Batu Tiga, Semenyih resident, Johari Tinnin urged the authorities to consider moving the water treatment plant nearer to its water source and not down involving a long route including Sungai Semenyih.
“If the water gets contaminated, it will not only affect Sungai Semenyih but also the treatment plant at the bottom. When it reaches the treatment plant in Dengkil, even the water source will become contaminated.
“Hence the people of Semenyih will consume dirty water. If possible let us consume clean water taken from the source from the top, not at the bottom part and when there are issues, many things will be involved,” he said.
Clearly, the rapid development in Semenyih has caused the increase in population density, at the same time demanding a more efficient water management system and free from any contamination.
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