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South Korean President prepared to meet Jong Un

SEOUL, JUL 7: The South Korean President has expressed readiness to meet North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un in the midst of a mounting regional hostility due to the launch of a ballistic missile in North Korea, as reported by AP News.
Moon Jae-in said that in his speech on Thursday in Germany, where he will attend the G-20 Summit.
Moon also suggested the two countries continue with the ‘Korean family’ meet after being separated by war and to stop the hostile activities along the borders.
Since taking up office in May, Moon has been trying to improve relations with North Korea and will use the medium of dialogue and pressure to resolve issues.
Last July 4, North Korea had launched a ballistic missile from the western region of the country towards the ocean in the east.
South Korean President Moon Jae-in presides over the National Security Council at the Presidential Blue House in Seoul, South Korea. Kim Joo-hyung/Yonhap via REUTERS
The missile was launched at 12.40 at night GMT (8.40 am Malaysian time) from the airport in the northwest of Pyongyang, according to South Korean military.
It flew for 40 minutes as far as 930 kilometres and may have hit Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone.
The missile launch was conducted ahead of the G20 Summit in Germany this week between the United States, China, Japan and South Korean leaders, who are expected to discuss efforts to curb North Korean nuclear and missile tests.
It was also launched on the US Independence Day, July 4, and North Korea has launched a missile during a US celebration before this.

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