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The establishment of FELDA University is more ideal

I am aware of the assistance provided by the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) to the settlers’ children who are pursuing studies at various overseas universities.
Only selected excellence students are offered scholarships to cover their studies for four years overseas with a fund of RM500, 000 to RM800, 000 each.
One study found that over 95 percent of the second generation of Felda failed to pursue their studies at the Institute of Higher Education (IPT) although 80 percent of the students wanted to pursue their studies.
What about the other excellence settler’s children but did not get the ‘special funds’ and continue their studies at IPTA / S?
Pakatan Harapan (HARAPAN) strives to establish a Felda University campus throughout the country to increase the education level of the younger generation of Felda which is seen to accommodate more students than the Special Funds for Excellence Student to Overseas Felda which only involves dozens of students.
The proposal to establish the Felda University was voiced in 2007 but was cancelled by the Umno BN government in 2014 for the reasons of high costs.
The establishment of the Felda University will focus on areas related to the palm oil industry, such as mechanical engineering, agriculture, bio-technology, and business. The university curriculum will be formulated with the practical expertise of Felda’s children to ensure that graduates meet the technical requirements of Felda companies.
With this idea, the Felda generation will be more confident and enthusiastic about continuing to a higher level of study with the benefit in the future of being able to return the sustainability of the agricultural sector in this country
Onn Abu Bakar
Sembrong Parliamentary Coordinator
Member of the Federal Territory Leadership Council
Party KEADILAN Rakyat

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