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Freedom is the real meaning of independence

SHAH ALAM, AUG 22: Freedom is the most important characteristic of an independence, with conditions and regulations.
The Darul Ehsam Institute (IDE) Chairman, Dato’ Dr Siddiq Fadzil said, as an independent country and nation, everyone should enjoy freedom.
“Independence in fact means the nation and country must be free. Animals and plants need freedom too.
“It is a natural right for everyone,” he said.
He said that during the Independence Lecture In Conjunction with 2017 Indepencance Month Celebration Programme at the Selangor Public Libraries Corporation (PPAS), Tun Raja Uda Library.
Dr Siddiq authored the ‘Memperingati Kemerdekaan: Mensyukuri Nikmat, Menginsafi Amanat’ book which IDE published for third time.
The first batch was published in 2007 by the Academy for Civilisational Studies, in conjunction with Malaysian’s 50th independence.
In his lecture, he had also posed social criticism especially on the Malays as a liberated race.
He said, Malays should have a high level of awareness so that they are not easily mistreated.
Besides that, Dr Siddiq also said that an election is a field for maturity in the community rather than a medium to fool the citizens in politics.

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