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By Syauqi Jamil

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR members should not vote its leaders based on a list but rather should choose leaders based on their credentials and reputation.

Party women’s chief Zuraida Kamaruddin said PKR should not simply vote at the upcoming party polls in August simply by following the leader of a certain ‘team’.

“Party members have to see the line up based on the track record, performance, leadership, skills and struggle of and individual or candidate.”

“Don’t make decision on the candidates as if their leader is the sheperd. When he goes to the left, everyone goes to the left,” she said at the Parliament lobby.

Zuraida who is also the Ampang lawmaker wants PKR members to be more mature in excersising their powers and rights at the party polls.

She said Malaysians have proven their maturity in terms of their stand at GE14 in May when the outcome lead to a change of government.

“PKR is a reformation party, I hope its members can make a decision based on their own decision, not because they are influenced,” she said.

Earlier, Zuraida said that there is no issue for PKR to have ‘teams’ or ‘camps’ as they approach the party polls, equating it to merely coloured teams in school sport’s day.

She was responding to the media when asked if the party polls ‘wish list’ produced by PKR veep Rafizi Ramli, consisting members supposedly from his camp will divide the party.

Rafizi has since announced that he will be gunning for the party’s Deputy President post, currently helmed by Economic Affairs minister, Mohamed Azmin Ali.

Azmin who have been keeping mum on the matter yesterday said that he will only be making a decision on contesting at the party polls after the Sungai Kandis by-election takes place on Aug 4.

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