In support of Autism awareness, Music Mart is hosting ‘Hand in Hand with the Stars 3’, a free event to raise awareness and promote the education of special needs in Malaysia, this 29 September, 2018 at RUANG by Think City, Kuala Lumpur.

Music Mart is an inclusive music school, where the needs of every one of all ages are met, regardless of ages as well as able and special needs. Music Mart strives to get the latest and most successful sources for special children to reach their best potential.

An estimate of 200 people will attend the event, consisting of VIPs, donors, participants, family members of children and friends. Guests will get to enjoy a variety of planned activities such as workshops and talks as well as exciting performances.

There will be a special appearance by the group “Zimi J “ as well as the talented duo, Joshua and Salvador, who won the Best Duet Award & Appreciation award at the Autism Gala 2017 in Hong Kong. There will also be workshops, sharings and other performances from Nasom.

The success of the ‘Hand in Hand with the Stars’ program requires the care, affection and support of the public. The financial donations of whatever amount will provide and help the children/adults in the autism spectrum. Your presence will certainly make a big difference.

Below are the details of the event:

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DATE : September 29th, 2018
TIME : 10am – 8pm
PLACE : RUANG by Think City, 2nd floor, Jalan Hang Kasturi, : Kuala Lumpur (formerly OCBC Building)

For further enquiries, please contact Edwin Nathaniel (012.209.8849), or Ms. Jackie (012-431 6249). For more information visit their Facebook event page (Hand in Hand with the Stars 3)

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