By Selangor Journal Staff

KUALA LUMPUR: Political Secretary to Minister of Finance, Tony Pua Kiam Wee today questioned MMC-Gamuda’s publicity stunt while completely ignoring the question of cost in the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (MRT2) project.


The Damansara lawmaker in an open letter had applauded the Directors of MMC-Gamuda for putting on “a great show” after the Cabinet’s decisions in regards to the project was announced.


“You questioned the qualifications of the independent engineering consultant we have engaged. You implied that the decision to terminate was hasty and ill-conceived.


“You sought sympathy claiming the loss of jobs for no less than 20,000 people (wow!). Your social media actively promoted a campaign to “Save 20,000 Jobs” asking Malaysians to sign the petition.


“The performance and mobilisation of the above campaign are nothing short of impressive. The question of cost of the project to the Government was conveniently ignored,” he said.


Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng on Sunday announced that the government had decided to accept the offer from MMC-Gamuda to reduce the cost of the MRT2 Above Ground works by RM5.2 billion to RM17.4 billion in the form of a turnkey contract.


The Cabinet however are terminating the underground work contract of the MRT2 with MMC-Gamuda after both parties failed to reach an agreement on the reduction of construction cost.


Pua said after MMC-Gamuda’s “obvious brazen attempt” to paint themselves as innocent victims to the Pakatan Harapan government, the situation requires his response to set the facts right and record straight.


He explained that MMC-Gamuda’s offer to reduce the price further to RM14.58 billion for the underground work contract represented a cost saving of RM2.13 billion or a 12.7% reduction.


Pua said the Cabinet’s decision to reopen tender for a section of the MRT2 would result in maximising the savings.


This is based on results compiled by an independent engineering consultant hired by the government, which had forecasted possible savings between RM4.19 to RM5.79 billion for the estimated remaining incomplete works.


He said Pakatan Harapan could choose to accept the RM2.13 billion reduction offered by MMC Gamuda and proceed with the project or honour the mandate and trust of the people by attempting to secure roughly RM2 billion worth of potential savings


“The Cabinet obviously made the decision to pick the latter. And you seriously telling Malaysians to blame the Cabinet for the termination?” he asked.


Pua also slammed MMC-Gamuda’s claim of over 20,000 jobs would be affected following the termination, when he said that the project is not being cancelled and there will be plenty of opportunities when the new project is awarded at a lower cost.


Pua finally ended the letter by taking a jab at MMC-Gamuda for starting a petition on to seek the Government to reverse its decision on the termination, suggesting that they start a petition to get MMC Gamuda to make the government an offer they cannot refuse instead.







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