We were informed in the early hours this morning at about 2.30am, a large group of at least 50 persons armed with iron rods and parang forcibly entered the Seafield temple and attacked a group of devotees who had gathered there including women.

The ensuing violence resulted in a number of persons injured and hospitalised. A number of vehicles were also torched. It is learnt that during the violence, five devotees were held hostage for some time by the intruders.

The temple devotees finally managed to drive off the intruders, seizing identity cards from several of them.

The Subang Jaya police officers finally arrived on the scene following the violence and subsequently cordoned off the area.

Questions are being raised as to why only a single patrol car from the Subang Jaya police force arrived at the scene about 4.15am while the FRU only arrived at about 6am.

The Subang Jaya police have regrettably issued a statement saying that “pergaduhan antara dua kumpulan bangsa India telah berlaku di dalam kawasan Kuil Sri Mahamariaman …punca kejadian adalah perselisihan faham antara dua kumpulan adalah tentang isu perpindahan kuil..”

This statement is false and irresponsible. It has created much tension amongst the Indian community especially in the light of the late and ineffective response by the Subang Jaya police.

We call upon the IGP to ensure that a corrective statement is immediately issued to set the facts straight. The Subang Jaya police should be investigated and disciplinary action taken.

We condemn this unprovoked attack on the temple.

We call for a full and independent inquiry by the police to establish who is behind this serious attack on the temple and the motive for it. Those responsible for this violence must be caught and punished.

This investigation should be conducted by Bukit Aman and not left to the Subang Jaya police to handle.

YB M Kulasegaran
YB Xavier Jayakumar
YB Gobind Singh
YB P Waythamoorthy
YB Sivarasa Rasiah

26 November 2018

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