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Xperanti: Malaysia’s first licensed nationwide IoT provider

By Batrisyia Jay

KUALA LUMPUR – Over 100 guests from selected industries and government bodies witness the launch of Xperanti IoT (M) Sdn. Bhd., the first licensed nationwide IoT network and solutions provider in Malaysia at Sunway iLabs today.
Present to officiate the launch was His Excellency Frederic Laplanche, French Ambassador to Malaysia.

“It is truly a great pleasure for me to be here today to officiate the launch of Xperanti, especially since it is the exclusive partner of Sigfox in Malaysia.

“The synergy between the wholly Malaysian Xperanti and French Sigfox is an excellent way to bring global technologies to support Industry 4.0 here in Malaysia,” said Laplanche during the launch.

Xperanti, which stands for ‘connected devices’, has deployed a nationwide purpose-built industrial IoT network and is currently on a mission to be the country’s preferred IoT network and solutions enabler and bringing IoT solutions to life.

To achieve this, Xperanti has exclusively partnered with Sigfox, a French company with leading global IoT enablement network and is deployed in over 50 countries around the world to power IoT connectivity and drive digital transformation.

This offers businesses and consumers the opportunity to subscribe to Sigfox’s communications services with nationwide coverage, including all urban and industrial areas, main transport/communications systems and any other area based on demand.

“Our ultimate goal is to bridge the digital divide here in Malaysia as we pride ourselves as the first licensed nationwide IoT network and solutions provider in the country,” said Nallan Singhe, founder of Xperanti.

“The network is built and designed to enable cost effective and sustainable IoT solutions for an ecosystem of partners to support Industry 4.0. We are here and have already deployed this nationwide purpose-built IoT network with over 80% nationwide coverage,” he said.

What Xperanti offers is to enable Malaysian enterprises to develop purpose-built IoT solutions that are practical and scalable to support the adoption of Industry 4.0 in the country, with sectors such as Agriculture, Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing, Utilities, Oil and Gas and Aviation as the main focus.

Earlier this year, Xperanti signed an MoU with Malaysian Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) with the aim of assimilating Industry 4.0 into the aviation industry, making MAHB the first organisation in the country to commit to fully adopting the Internet of Things as part of their modus operandi.

“In partnership with Xperanti, and Sigfox for this project, we are hoping to revolutionise the airport experience within a few years in line with our Airports 4.0 vision,” said Radin Asrul Adza, General Manager of Information Technology Division of MAHB.

“Xperanti IoT has made a great achievement to become the number one nationwide IoT Network provider; delivering Sigfox global IoT connectivity and solutions to the Malaysian market,” said Roswell Wolff, President of Sigfox Asia Pacific.

“As part of a seamless Sigfox global network, Xperanti now connects Malaysia to 54 other countries and territories which make up our worldwide community,” said Wolff during his speech at the launch today.

Also highlighted at the event was the MoU signing between Xperanti and Strand Aerospace Sdn. Bhd for a POS Aviation project.

The collaboration includes various enterprise IoT projects with customers in the aviation and construction industries.

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