SHAH ALAM – The proposal to use electric buses as part of the free bus service known as ‘Smart Bus Selangor’ gets the consideration of the State Government as it is in line with the vision of making the state a Smart State by 2025.

Selangor Menteri Besar, Amirudin Shari, said the use of electric buses provides various advantages such as using environmentally friendly technology, cost saving, competitive and equipped with the latest technology needed.

“As a developed and precarious state, we are aiming for the full use of electric buses in which the technology is more environmentally friendly, competitive, the ability to facilitate the people and more that will meet our aspiration to become a ‘Smart State’ state by 2025.

“What was presented met our expectations but we did not only take into consideration of its features and the sophisticated technology, we also took into consideration of how its existence can benefit the people,” he said.

This was said by Amirudin after receiving a briefing from the electric bus provider Asiana Kencana on their electric buses at the Selangor State Economic Action Council (MTES) Meeting Room at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Building on Jan 8.

Amirudin said the State Government will evaluate the proposal presented by Asiana Kencana before making any decision.

He said any decision to be made would be in line with the Selangor State Master Plan.

“What matters is that we can cultivate, encourage people to use public transport services and the important thing is that we can streamline and strengthen the services provided by Selangor Smart Buses,” he said.

Amirudin noticed that at present, 27 Selangor Smart Buses have been operated within more than 39 routes across Selangor.

Prior to that, Amirudin had tried the electric bus proposed by Asiana Kencana Company.

In addition to using environmentally friendly and economical technologies, other advanced features available are facial recognition, gender, location detection and age groups that facilitate bus owners building databases for research purposes.

In addition to research purposes, the database obtained can also be used for security purposes such as identifying criminals and others.

The electric bus is also equipped with special facilities for disabled people (OKU).

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