KUALA SELANGOR – The Kuala Selangor Land and District Office succeeded in collecting land premiums of RM 68.9 million which is 98.4 per cent close to the state government’s target.

Kuala Selangor District Officer Mohd Faizal Abdul Raji said the state government had previously set a target of land premium collection in the region of RM 70 million.

He said the collection of permits for rock material was also extremely impressive as it exceeds the target of 257.4 per cent with a total of over RM 38 million.

“There is also a lot of physical projects such as road repairs, sports infrastructure and more with an allocation of more than RM 9 million,” said Mohd Faizal.

“The development around Kuala Selangor is increasing and developing from time to time, it will be a new attraction for investors and developers to cope with the overwhelming progress in the state,” he said.

He said this in his speech in the presence of the Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah in conjunction with Ihya Ramadan Breaking Fast and 1440H Adilfitri Contribution at An Naim Mosque, Kampung Sungai Sembilang, here yesterday.

At the same time, he said, with the rapid development of physical development in the district, environmental protection remains unchanged and is always preserved.

“The Ulu Tinggi Forest Reserve and the Peat Forests are still being maintained as rainfalls for the supply of clean water while paddy and oil palm cultivation are still the main crops and local income earners,” said Mohd Faizal.

“As an area recognized as an agro-tourism, many products are gaining momentum especially from domestic and foreign tourists including Kuantan Kampung Flickers and Sky Mirrors,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mohd Faizal said Kuala Selangor is also the second largest district in the state comprising nine districts of 119,452.46 hectares.

“There are 58 mosques and 154 surau in the area that are always filled with various religious activities, knowledge gatherings, missionary spread centers and government programs,” he said.