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SHAH ALAM – Water supply is fully recovered in all areas in Klang involving scheduled water disruption due to three major pipe breaks near the West Coast Expressway (WCE) Banting-Taiping Expressway.

Air Selangor Management and Customer Relations Department Head, Abdul Raof Ahmad, said he apologized to all affected customers with disruption and was unable to meet the initial targets of the repair work schedule and the targeted supply recovery period.

“This is due to the complexity of the implementation of the repair work that needs to be done with caution with the high risk site repair situation to avoid unnecessary things to employees and asset assets on the site,” said Raof.

“During the preliminary work done, there has been a landslide and leakage at another location in the same pipeline,” he added.

“This situation has led to the refining and recovery of the targeted water supply targeted several times.”

“In this regard, to mitigate the impact of disruption to the affected customers and in order to take immediate action to restore water supply through an alternative supply system, we implemented the 1,400mm new pipe installation and alteration work which was completed at 3.00 pm yesterday,” he said in a statement today.

Raof said the installation of a new pipe line is a permanent solution for the supply of water to customers who receive supplies from Kajang Lipat Pool and this has been able to increase the capacity of treated water supply and rehabilitation to all affected areas.

In a statement, Air Selangor also expressed its deepest gratitude to all its employees and its contractors who worked 24 hours a day relentlessly since the incident of this major pipeline rupture.

“We are also grateful to the Malaysian Highway Authority and the National Water Services Commission which has provided us with our cooperation and guidance,” said Raof.

“Not to mention, the support given by the Selangor State Government, the people’s representatives, the residents’ associations and all parties involved directly or indirectly in providing cooperation is highly appreciated,” he said.