SHAH ALAM – The new Shah Alam Mayor has five key agenda to focus on, in line with the vision of making the city more quality, prosperous, conducive and superior.

Dato’ Haris Kasim said the first agenda is to focus on municipal services, especially solid waste management and public cleansing.

He said if it was not implemented properly,  the issue will be a sensitive one to the community.

“Secondly, I want MBSA to approach the community through the activities of the field because it is an obligation to take note of the problems faced by taxpayers in order to please them with the concept of ‘face to face’,” he said.

“MBSA will also diversify online services through technology culture and it will be implemented through a third agenda,” he said in his address at the Shah Alam Mayor Oath Oath Ceremony, at MBSA Guesthouse on 12 June.

Haris said that through the fourth agenda, MBSA also needed to strengthen finances through increased revenue collection.

He said he was aware that MBSA had arrears of collection through assets owned and all parties need to find an alternative to get the arrears.

“Last through the fifth agenda, MBSA needs to empower human resources as it is the primary basis for an organization,” he said.

“It is my great wish to see the council members and top management who are lined with diverse backgrounds, knowledge and education to help me shape the success of MBSA and ensure that the organization continues to create excellence.”