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Labohan Water Treatment Service Plant Handover


The Selangor State Government today organized the Labohan Dagang Water Treatment Plant (LRA) handover ceremony at the Labohan Water Treatment Plant, Lot 8378, 42700 Kuala Langat, Banting.

The ceremony was officiated by Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor, Amirudin Shari. The ceremony was for the handing over of the key of LRA Labohan Dagang from the contractor to the state government and subsequently to Selangor Water Management as the sole water operator in Selangor.

The Labohan Trade LRA construction began in July 2017 to produce 200 million liters of clean water (JLH). The construction cost was
RM 425 million.

The construction of ​​the Labohan Trade Water Treatment Plant Development is in line with the modernization of the water industry in Selangor which is a strategic move to tackle the increasingly challenging water supply issues. In the past, dams were constructed upstream, but today, with the rapid development and land use that is increasingly used widespread for development purposes, the water upstream has decreased.

Labohan Water Treatment Plant applies the use of green technology with facilities of the Off River Storage (ORS)) that link the water flow of the plant from Langat River to the pre-treatment pool. This method helps the plant continue to operate without polluting the main river using the concept of water development to be used as water source.

The development of runoff reservoirs downstream the river can encourage the people’s attitudes in practicing being non-wasteful of water resources while at the same time cultivating a sense of environmental love where people will be more responsible in maintaining the cleanliness of the rivers which are part of the water source.

The 110 hectare main reservoir is capable of providing raw water supply to a water plant for up to 75 days and supplement water plants in the event of long drought or pollution in Sg. Langat.

The operation of this LRA will enable clean water supply to Kuala Langat district which has been supplied by LRA Semenyih, LRA Labu and LRA Sg. Selangor, which is distributed to other districts and will directly improve the level of water supply for the State of Selangor.

This state-of-the-art LRA fully automatic and is built on 26 hectares of land covering marshes, raw water preservation tanks, chemical buildings, administrative buildings, workshops, pools, tower water tanks, buildings electricity, sludge treatment facilities, and quarters for staff.

Construction of this plant is one of the initiatives of the state government in providing state of the art water services to the people of Selangor.



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