KUALA LUMPUR – Medical graduates who wish to obtain a letter confirming registration eligibility from the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) to apply for their housemanship must first be registered with MMC.

MMC president Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullahm who is also the Health Director-General, said that in order to register with MMC the graduates must submit their original medical degree from universities or medical colleges recognised by the council.

“After submitting the required documents, MMC will issue a letter confirming registration eligibility to the applicant to apply for housemanship with the Public Services Commission (PSC)” he said in a statement today.

The statement was issued following the failure of a handful of medical graduates to obtain the letter from MMC.

Dr Noor Hisham said the Ministry of Health and MMC were in efforts to make it easier for graduates by also issuing the letter to those who have submitted their final result transcript duly signed by either the president, senate, rector or registrar of the universities concerned as an alternative.

That criterion, he said, was in line with the Medical Act 1971.

“In the event that they meet the criteria, the letter confirming registration eligibility with the serial number will be provided by the MMC to the medical graduates, and can be used for registration / application purposes online through SPA8i with the PSC.

“We would also wish to inform that the Dean’s letter issued by the Faculty of Medicine is not accepted. There has been no change in the process for applying to become a houseman, ” he stated.

He said the candidates who were offered housemanship appointment letters but did not have the relevant documents (registration eligibility letter) were advised to get them from the university or medical college promptly, and forward it to MMC.

“The medical graduates concerned need not worry because the offer of appointment as a houseman is not cancelled and appointments will continue to be made for the incoming group, which is done once every two months,” he added.