KUALA LUMPUR – Similar to other major celebrations, the upcoming National Day on 31 Aug has opened doors for young traders to generate extra income by producing and selling a variety of Merdeka-related goods and products.

These traders usually come up with a wide range of special edition products, including T-shirts and headscarves featuring the National Day concept and these items are snapped up by buyers in no time.

One of the traders, Tasnim Rozaini, 24, said she received more than 300 bookings for Merdeka concept T-shirts earlier this month from customers, especially teachers and students.

She said a variety of patterns including flowers, national monuments, Jalur Gemilang and Petronas Twin Towers are offered to customers.

More interestingly, the former student of MARA skills training institute (IKM) in Alor Setar who has just started her T-shirt business this year also showcased her distinctive creativity by offering Merdeka-themed T-shirts specially-designed for Muslim women.

“The most popular items among the customers are T-shirts for Muslim women and I sincerely hope that my customers will be proud and excited to celebrate the national Day this year,” she said.

Meanwhile, for entrepreneur Nurafiza Nadzirah Razali, 30, from Maliqa Signature, her headscarves featuring the National Day concept were in high demand compared to the regular ones.

She said the headscarves, made of cotton and satin and featuring the Jalur Gemilang as well as other nation’s landmarks, were priced between RM 18 and RM 65.

“I started receiving orders back in May and we took the orders way in advance as we are doing things manually, including printing and I only produced 10 headscarves a day,” she said.

“Customers can also request for custom-made designs based on their preferred Merdeka patterns if they wish to,” said Nurafiza Nadzirah who opened her business since 2016.

Meanwhile, civil servant Nur Haneem Hanafi, 30, said it was a must for her to buy Merdeka-themed items to wear on the morning of 31 Aug  every year.

She said by donning specially-designed T-shirt or headscarves featuring the Jalur Gemilang or other Merdeka elements makes her excited to celebrate the day and this year she would celebrate 31 Aug in Putrajaya.