SHAH ALAM – Selangor’s Air Pollution Index (API) readings has improved as of 13 August.

According to the Malaysian Air Pollution Index (APIMS) data, the API readings in Banting and Klang was 67, Shah Alam was 64, while Petaling Jaya was 62.

The API reading data recorded a decline compared to last week which was at 80 and above.

Meanwhile, the IPO in Johan Setia Klang is still vigilant with a reading of 85.

However, the air quality has improved as the previous locations has been recorded several times as unhealthy.

On the other hand, air quality in Miri, Sarawak continues to be at an alarming rate with an API reading of over 300 until this evening.

The 0-50 API readings show good air quality, 51-100 (moderate), 101-200 (unhealthy), 201-300 (very unhealthy), while it is dangerous if the reading is over 300.