SHAH ALAM – The Selangor Football Association (FAS) today unveiled the proposed merger with PKNS FC, an attempt to transform the football industry in Selangor, to achieve future success.

The FAS Executive Committee term 2017-2021 in a statement, echoed the rumours that the merger proposal was merely for greater funds.

“The intention to unite football clubs in Selangor especially FAS and PKNS FC has been around for some time, but there were some obstacles that have led to the failure to realize it,” the statement stated.

“However, over the past few months, FAS President Tengku Amir Shah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah and Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari have discussed in-depth, seeking solutions to the issue and even the prime minister has also made clear to the media to make PKNS FC a team,” it added.

The committee told FAS that the merger of the two teams would give the association an opportunity to continue to achieve success at the main team level.

In fact, it is also seen to build a strong foundation in the development of young talent to become a staple in the football field, the committee said.

The committee also explained that although the proposal to merge the two teams required some ‘sacrifice’, it was seen as a great step forward for the future of the Selangor football industry.

According to the statement, one of the benefits of the merger will be financial, as it will save the state government the need of not allocating separate expenses, to FAS, PKNS FC and Selangor United.

“An estimated RM44 million is spent by FAS, PKNS FC and Selangor United for the 2019 season and it is higher than any team in the Super League, but the performance has not been impressive,” it stated.

“Instead of splitting the funds into three teams, the best and most cost-effective move can be made when the Selangor government consolidates and allocates the funds to just one team,” it added.

“For example, if RM16 million is spent but half of it is state government funds (the rest is from corporate sponsorship), the Selangor government can save RM8 million and that amount can be channelled to finance various other programs for the benefit of millions of people in the state.”

The statement also said the FAS needed to be careful in managing finances to ensure that spending was made to bring about the best results and that the concern of the FAS president and the chief minister on the proposal would bring about significant changes in Selangor football history.