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MY2.5 campaign promotes zakat obligation awareness — LZS

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 6 — The Selangor Zakat Board (LZS) has launched the My2.5 Campaign throughout this month, to encourage members of public who meet the stipulated requirements to fulfil their zakat (tithe) obligation, to help asnaf (recipients) in the state.

Its chief executive officer Saipolyazan M. Yusop said ‘My’ refers to zakat payers while ‘2.5’ is the low rate needed to be paid, which signifies that zakat is not burdensome.

He further explained that the term ‘My2.5’ means the combination of wealth contributed to zakat would help asnaf sustain their livelihood as well as to develop themselves and their families.

“Through this campaign, LZS targets a collection amounting to RM230 million to meet the pressing needs in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

“It is hoped that the campaign will cultivate a caring attitude among those who are able to help because with zakat, many families will get a place to stay, children can go to schools, the mualaf (converts) are assisted, and dialysis patients will receive their treatments and so on,” he said in a campaign video at LZS official Facebook page.

Saipolyazan said the campaign, with the tagline “Sedikit Bagi Anda, Segalanya Buat Mereka” (A little from you means everything for them), also promised interesting prizes for payers who pay their zakat at various payment channels provided by LZS via the ‘Jom Bayar & Menang’ (Let’s Pay and Win) contest, from December 1 to 31.

The latest information on the campaign could be obtained at all official LZS channels namely or Zakat Selangor Facebook and Instagram.

Besides that, Saipolyazan said, to date, LZS has distributed zakat in basic necessities and development to almost 65,000 hardcore poor asnaf families and mualaf.

“The number of recipients is expected to increase until the end of the year following the Covid-19 pandemic, which has a negative impact on the health as well as economy,” he said.

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