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A visitor scans the SELangkah QR code displayed at the Padang Awam Batu Caves public hall, on May 8, 2020. — Picture by FIKRI YUSOF/SELANGORKINI

SELangkah can be further utilised to access state govt programmes

By Sheeda Fathil

SHAH ALAM, Dec 29 — The SELangkah (Step In Safely) contact tracing application can be used as an integrated system for the public to receive information regarding programmes by the Selangor government.

Selcare Management Sdn Bhd (Selcare) director Muhammad Azfizam Hamzah said the mobile application does not only function to trace close contacts but is also useful for other purposes.

“If the Covid-19 pandemic ends, SELangkah can also benefit the people by helping them to access state government programmes such as the Kasih Ibu Smart Selangor (Kiss) where they only need to use the QR codes while shopping as compared to using (the) existing cards. It is easier.

“Also, through this application, the state government would also be able to keep track of the list of purchased items and if they buy things they should not buy, we can cancel the transaction. At the same time, we know where the funds are being channelled to,” he said on Media Selangor’s Bual Bicara talk show last night in a programme titled “The Cycle of Covid-19 and Vaccine Turmoil”.

Also present was SELangkah project director Dr Helmi Zakariah.

Muhammad Azfizam said the system could also be tapped further by the state government.

“I think it can also be developed into ‘Selangor Grab’(ride) or ‘Selangor Facebook’ where the public can access anything and everything around them through a single (integrated) system,” he added.

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