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Selangor police receives 180 extortion reports

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 — A total 180 extortion cases involving the disseminating of pornographic pictures and nude videos were recorded in Selangor from January until yesterday (Nov 30), said Selangor Criminal Investigation Department chief, Datuk Fadzil Ahmat.

He said most of the reports received involved unknown individuals sending pornographic pictures or videos not belonging to the victims other than involving acquaintances and syndicates looking for victims through social media.

‘’A total 110 were recorded involving unknown individuals sending videos or pictures not belonging to the victims to disturb them.

‘’Forty-two cases involving acquaintances such as ex-husbands and former boyfriends and the rest involving syndicates feigning friendships through social sites to dupe the victims into giving lewd videos or pictures of them,’’ he said in a statement yesterday.

He said the syndicates would dupe the victims regardless of gender, age or race on social media to obtain what they wanted to the point the victims were willing to share their nude and vulgar pictures or videos.

“The syndicate will record the lewd videos and nude pictures so that they can extort the victims by threatening to disseminate them.

“Among the applications which are often used by the syndicates are Wechat, Facebook, Michat, Whatsapp, laman web (GODATE2NIGHT),, Line and others,” he said.

He said the syndicates would demand between RM10,000 and RM20,000 from the victims failing which the nude pictures and lewd videos would be disseminated on the social media and among the latter’s families and friends.

As such, he urged society not to be easily duped by the syndicates and exercise wisdom when using social media.

— Bernama

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