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Mind your words, stay true to Islam — Selangor Sultan

SHAH ALAM, March 16 — The Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has expressed sadness over the attitude of some Muslims in the country especially in Selangor who are not mindful with their words that can affect their aqidah (faith) and Islamic religion.

“Any iktikad (convictions in the heart) or speech or action by any Muslim who intends to leave the religion of Islam could lead to a slip in aqidah and cause a person to leave the religion of Islam,” said His Royal Highness in a statement here today.

“The foundation of the belief of Muslims rests on the acknowledgement of the oneness of Allah SWT by reciting the syahadah (profession of faith) and a Muslim must always adhere to the belief that only Allah SWT has the right to be worshipped and prophet Muhammad SAW as the messenger of Allah SWT,” he said.

His Royal Highness said a person who adheres to Islam as his religion is an absolute follower of the principles of tauhid (monotheism) and faith throughout his life, adding that the actions of some Muslims, especially in Selangor, who threaten to leave Islam when faced with difficulties only reflects the fragility of their belief in Islam and Allah SWT.

The Selangor Sultan said he strongly believes that Islam and faith are a gift and blessing from Allah SWT to Muslims, hence it should be well-taken care of and with patience in any situation, be it peaceful or difficult situation.

“Apostasy is a grave offence as reflected in its punishment, where someone who leaves the religion of Islam and has been given the opportunity to repent but refuses to do so can be sentenced to death according to the majority of scholars including Imam Syafi’e,” he said.

Therefore, His Royal Highness advised Muslims to always stay true to the Islamic faith.

He said the action of religious authorities such as the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) which enforces the law is a normal action and process based on the provisions of the law.

His Royal Highness also ordered that all actions taken by the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) and Jais must be aligned with the principles that support the priority of da’wah (preaching) namely to educate, prevent and enhance the correct understanding of Islam to the community.

“We as Muslims and the people of this country, especially in Selangor, should abide by the legal process and comply with every procedure that has been outlined under the law,” he added.

The Selangor Sultan stressed that Mais and Jais are ready to listen to what Muslims in Selangor have to say and open for discussions over matters related to Islam, be it general or personal, adding that the religious bodies should always protect and defend the Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah faith from elements and ideologies that may harm it.

— Bernama

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