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State executive councillor for agricultural modernisation and agro-based industry Izham Hashim handing over compost fertiliser to paddy farmers at Kampung Banting, Sabak Bernam, on March 9, 2021. — Picture by ASRI SAPFIE/SELANGORKINI

RM1 mln to help 2,500 paddy farmers increase paddy production

By Norrasyidah Arshad

SABAK BERNAM, March 9 — A total of RM1 million has been allocated to assist 2,500 paddy farmers facing a deterioration in paddy harvest in Sabak Bernam.

State executive councillor for agricultural modernisation and agro-based industry Izham Hashim said the allocation includes several assistance, such as supply of seeds and fertilisers, as a measure to increase the paddy harvest involving the paddy fields around Sungai Panjang and Bagan Terap.

“During the latest paddy season, they experienced huge losses when the produce yielded only 2.5 tonnes of rice per hectare as compared to eight tonnes before this.

“This decrease is causing a significant loss to them. In order to achieve profit, they (the paddy farmers) were supposed to receive at least five tonnes in rice yields,” he said.

Earlier, Izham handed assistance in the form of compost fertiliser as well as basic food items to the farmers through the Kita Selangor Package at Parit 10 Timur, here.

He said the causes of the paddy harvest issue include the fertility of the soil as well as overuse of fertilizers.

“The problem will be resolved before July. We will ensure that the harvest will be able to reach a level of between eight and 10 tonnes next season.

“The assistance is not only focused on this area, but at all areas that are determined to be troubled. We hope the paddy farmers as well as the department concerned would give full cooperation in order for this measure to be effective,” he said.

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