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Mais sets fidyah rate based on rice preference

SHAH ALAM, April 23 — The Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) has introduced three different fidyah rates — RM2, RM4 and RM6 per day — based on the type of rice often eaten.

Mais secretary, Dr Ahmad Shahir Makhtar, said in a statement today the fidyah (fine for missed fast) is RM2 per day for someone who consumes Super Special Tempatan 5 per cent rice; RM4 per day for someone who has a liking for (imported) white, brown, glutinous, ponni or fragrant rice; and RM6 per day for someone who has a preference for basmathi, Japanese or red rice.

“Those who can afford it are encouraged to pay fidyah according to the rice they eat. It is in line with the zakat fitrah rate decided at a meeting of the Selangor State Fatwa Committee,” he said.

He said the Selangor State Fatwa Committee Meeting no. 5/2020 on Nov 3, 2020 (17 Rabi’ul Awal 1442H) fixed the fidyah rate for each missed day of fasting at ​one-quarter the zakat fitrah payment.

For example, said Ahmad Shahir, the fidyah formula for someone who eats Super Special Tempatan 5 per cent local rice and missed seven days of fasting in the previous year is: 7 (days) x 1 (year) x RM2 = RM14.

In another example, he said the calculation for someone who has not replaced seven days of fasting in three years (2018 – 2020) would be: 7 (days) x 3 (years) x RM2 = RM42.

Ahmad Shahir also encouraged those who (have a valid reason for not fasting in Ramadan and) can afford it, to make an advance fidyah payment.

The fidyah is for those who are unable to replace their fast between two Ramadan months.

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— Bernama

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