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Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari visiting the flood victims at Kampung Bukit Lanchong, Subang Jaya, on December 24, 2021. — Picture by REMY ARIFIN/SELANGORKINI

MB calls for efforts in post-flood cleanup at Kampung Bukit Lanchong

By Zareef Muzammil

SUBANG JAYA, Dec 25 — The Selangor Menteri Besar has directed related agencies to focus on the post-flood cleanup process at Kampung Bukit Lanchong, here.

Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari said the area, which houses around 1,670 residents, was among the badly affected areas apart from Hulu Langat and Taman Sri Muda.

“We have to clean this area as the roads are narrow and filled with mud and garbage. We need smaller vehicles to ease the cleaning process.

“Due to its critical situation, I ask the disaster management unit and local councils to help speed up the cleanup works based on the ‘Selangor Bangkit’ plan,” he said when met after visiting the village yesterday

Meanwhile, the Menteri Besar had praised the commitment from all parties to help the victims.

“I have seen non-government organisations and political parties doing their work for days. But I urge for the process to be improved,” he said.  

The extraordinary rain during the two days was double the previous highest rainfall average of 180mm, resulting in many places in Selangor becoming submerged in water.

All state government assets and Federal agencies including the Fire and Rescue Department, the police, and the army, were mobilised to evacuate victims to safe locations, as well as disburse necessary goods.

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