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A medical staff administering the Covid-19 booster shot to a recipient under the Selangor Vaccination Programme Booster at Selcare Clinic in Section 13, Shah Alam, on December 10, 2021. — Picture by REMY ARIFIN/SELANGORKINI

Fear not the booster shots, it will increase bodily immunity, says STFO director

By Amin Ridzuan Ishak

SHAH ALAM, Jan 29 — The public is encouraged to take their Covid-19 vaccine booster doses in order to counteract the new variant strains, as well as build their immunity and reduce the worst effects of the virus.

Selangor Task Force Operations (STFO) director Dr Mohammad Farhan Rusli also asked the public not to worry about mild side effects, as it means the body is developing its immunity.

“A majority of recipients will have minor symptoms including fever and lethargy, which are good indicators of the body’s reaction and building its immunity,” he said when contacted.

Dr Mohammad Farhan added the percentage of those who died or had a stroke due to the booster vaccines is minuscule, and very rarely happens. As such he also advised the public not to lose their composure over information going viral on social media.

He said the third shot is proof the vaccination is effective in preventing Covid-19 patients from becoming critical, based on the available studies and science.

“That is why everybody must take the booster doses, to increase their body’s immunity. For example, those who completed the Sinovac vaccine after three months may have less than 18 per cent of the antibodies.

“When you get the Pfizer-BioNTech booster dose, the immunity rate can rise up to 88 per cent, this may reduce the effects of the virus, even if one is infected with Covid-19,” said Dr Mohammad Farhan.

He also advised the public to ensure they eat and drink before taking the booster dose, get sufficient rest, and not engage in heavy activities within a two-week period.

The administration of booster doses is currently underway nationwide, including the Selangor Vaccine (Selvax) Booster initiative, organised by the state government since December 8 last year.

Selvax Booster has prepared approximately 157,000 doses for individuals aged 18 and above who have completed their vaccination course, which can be found at all Selcare clinics.

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